The Psychology Behind Up-Selling Your Customer...


Rich goes over the psychology behind up-selling your customer. This is specifically for e-commerce businesses, softwares and service businesses! Learn how to understand the perspective of your customer and understand how they think about buying. Make sure to check out more episodes at

Why You HAVE TO Start Email Marketing If You're Not


Rich goes over why you have to be in the email marketing game if you're not - especially if you're selling products online. He'll go over why you should start, some things to look for when shopping for what software/platform to use, and some tips to get started! Make sure to check out more episodes at

Google Analytics is a MUST HAVE and It Has Some Changes Coming...


Learn about what Google Analytics is and about the NEW Google Analytics 4 platform that is coming out soon. Making the switch from the old Universal Analytics to the new GA4 platform is going to be forced on July 1, 2023 so I hope this episode gives you some good insight and kick-starts the switch. Never be confused about where traffic is coming from, what content and pages are the most popular and so much more.

Elon Musk BUYS Twitter..Should Your Business Care? Here's My Take - Let's Talk Social


Rich discusses Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter and what that means for the public. The reactions from Twitter users has been extremely polar. Some users fear the repercussions of Elon's views on free-speech, being that it is in inherently important for our democracy. In the past, Twitter has censored and deleted thousands of accounts for violating hate-speech and violence policies, however this process has been criticized for how its algorithm targets what is hate-speech. Will hate-speech and censorship become a bigger or smaller problem for Twitter? What do you think?

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