Navigating the Future of Search: A Deep Dive into Google's Search Generative Experience


This blog explores Google's Search Generative Experience, emphasizing its AI-driven approach to search queries and its alignment with E-E-A-T guidelines. It discusses the impact on SEO and digital marketing, offering insights into creating quality, user-centric content and adapting to evolving search engine dynamics for businesses and marketers.

TikTok FINED $12.8M, New Instagram Features and More News for April 2023


In this jam-packed episode of Let's Talk Social, we'll delve into the recent £12.7m fine imposed on TikTok by the UK watchdog for misusing children's data, and how it impacts the future of the platform. We'll also explore Facebook's addition of a 'broadcast' channel chat option for Groups, giving admins a powerful tool for group communication.

The Death of BeReal & How TikTok Now Can Help Business


Rich discusses the release of the new Now page from TikTok, and how it absolutely slaps BeReal right in the face.

The TOP TRENDS in branding for 2023


Rich discusses 7 branding trends coming out of 2022.

Top 5 Ways to get your Ads Moving in 2023 (feat. Noah Carper)


Facebook is still fighting to be the social media network with the most active users. Don't forget that it still has Instagram underneath its belt. That's why it's important to use intentional Facebook ad strategies to ensure that you're not wasting your budget on ads that don't contribute to your bottom line.

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