If You Like Going Viral on TikTok...


If you like going viral on TikTok, this blog is going to talk about ways that we can spot trends, ultimately create a viral video, and then the steps after the fact to capitalize on it for our business and marketing goals. Welcome to season four, episode eight of Let's Talk Social. I'm your host, Rich, and I'm going to be taking you through all three topics today.

The Synergy of SEO and Social Media: Boost Your Online Presence with TikTok


Welcome to Alpha Social Media's comprehensive guide, where we uncover the intertwined dynamics of SEO and social media. In this in-depth post, we'll demystify the intricate world of SEO, and explore the profound impact of social media platforms, including the rising star, TikTok, on your website's performance. By the end, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to transform your digital strategy and achieve unprecedented online success.

Discover WHAT & WHEN to Post Weekly on Social Media


Boost your social media reach with a balanced strategy. For audience growth, post weekly using diverse content like images, reels, and stories. For deeper engagement, make sure to be emphasizing solo images and carousels. Mix entertainment, promotional, inspirational, and educational content. Prioritize quality for success.

The SECRET to Meta's Algorithm


Edge Rank is Meta's algorithm dictating content in a user's Facebook newsfeed. It operates on three principles: affinity score (user's connection to content), edge weight (value of user activities), and time decay (content relevance over time). The goal is to boost user engagement and ad revenue. For businesses, genuine user engagement is key for content visibility.

Website Optimization for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Site Improvement


The article underscores targeting the 'ideal customer' for website optimization. It stresses aligning content with customer journeys, debates A/B testing's efficacy, emphasizes mobile-first design, and values on-page optimization, schema, and backlinking. Continuous monitoring and expert advice are vital for the best outcomes.

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