The TOP TRENDS in branding for 2023


Rich discusses 7 branding trends coming out of 2022.

Top 5 Ways to get your Ads Moving in 2023 (feat. Noah Carper)


Facebook is still fighting to be the social media network with the most active users. Don't forget that it still has Instagram underneath its belt. That's why it's important to use intentional Facebook ad strategies to ensure that you're not wasting your budget on ads that don't contribute to your bottom line.

Peoples' "Perfection Fatigue" Can RUIN Your Conversion Rate


Impactful creative often takes cues from friends, peers, & creators to reach consumers. Are your consumers experiencing Perfection Fatigue?

Obtaining Social Proof


Today, we will be going over what is called Social Proof. I have a definition for you and a couple of examples of it. This will be a pretty straightforward episode, but I think it should. Stok a couple of fires in your head on the topics related to social proof and the things you can do to leverage it to help with sales inside of the business.

4 Things That Will Kill Your Social Media Growth


In this episode Rich discusses 4 things that are guaranteed to kill your social media growth. Are you making any of these mistakes? Read and find out!

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