One Small Change That Makes a MAJOR Difference In Your Media - Let's Talk Social

One Small Change That Makes a MAJOR Difference In Your Media - Let's Talk Social

Today, we are going to go over media quality and what kind of elevating your quality can do for your social media channels and ultimately your website as well. A lot of this is going to be focused on those who are selling through social media, whether it be products or services. Most of their activity and engagement from customers is coming from social media or Google. For those people that are taking their own photos of their products or videos of their services. They are listing products and services on their website. They post them to social media as well. 

Let's take a food and beverage store. For example, a little mini mart or a grocery store, we'll say.  They sell their products on their website and you can order for in-store pickup or local delivery, and you can also buy it in the actual physical store itself. Let's say a minimart like this is doing a lot of its posting on social media, trying to get people to come into the store, get foot traffic, or to do things for local pickup or online pickup. If you look at these two businesses right next to each other, and you try to discern the feeling that you get from the two of them when you're just landing on the social media or the webpage. What I have seemed to notice is one hundred percent true is when the quality of the media is better, the user experience is better.  I would guarantee you that the lifetime value of the customer is higher because their impression of your brand has a higher value in their head because the things that have been done have been presented to them in a nicer way.

We're at a point now where the average person can get on social media and they immediately know if something is a stock photo. They know if something was taken with a phone versus a nice camera and all of those things. It really does translate into how they think about this brand. If you go look at some of the big brands, some of the biggest in the country, or even some of maybe the biggest in your city, I guarantee you that they are putting money into the media development and creation for their business. Back to the Minimart example, if we have these two same minimarts and one of them has an iPhone 13 doing all the photos, and one has an iPhone 7. I promise you, you're going to notice the difference. That sounds so stupid and ridiculous, but if you're the business owner and you are the one taking all the photos or maybe your manager does, it may be best to invest in a new phone for content.

That's just a double bonus right there because you get a new phone or a camera that you can leave at the office. There are plenty of point and shoot cameras, just the smaller ones that are sub $1,000. You truly do divide that thousand dollars over the two years. You're gonna get your use out of it. This will lead to better higher quality photos.

I was looking at a boutique yesterday that was sent to me as a prospect. As I was going through the stuff and I showed my manager, he agreed they had very high quality photos. That is going to be great fuel for us to actually advertise and have success with this company and this brand.

So, in my pitch to them, I'm gonna tell them that  I am so excited to work with them because they have nice pictures and they understand the value behind elevating the quality of the media. Trying out guys. I promise you will not be disappointed. If you want courses on how to take better pictures and how to take better videos with your current existing setup, YouTube is a great resource for you to carve out an hour of your time. There are so many videos that are sub 20 minutes long that you can see a tutorial on how to use the iPhone 7 for photo quality.

There's always going to be a tutorial out there where you can get better with what you already have. Unfortunately with the way that technology has been lately, there's a stark difference over the years of technology and how things have been advancing. Fortunately for us, it's actually becoming more and more affordable. So try it out.

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