HOW TO: Create A Social Identity - Posting Just Got EASY!

HOW TO: Create A Social Identity - Posting Just Got EASY!

Welcome back to Let's Talk Social! Today's blog is going to be something related to something I see a lot of businesses struggle with. It's also one of the first things I teach our page managers when they begin working here. Create a social media identity for the actual page itself! That is something that will basically allow you to have a set of rules for the personality behind how the posts look and feel as they come through the page, ultimately how the audience is going to feel when they react to the post. This is going to be something where you can take notes and you can actually reference this at a later time for your page, or if you're managing multiple pages.

There are multiple things to look at. We are approaching identity creation through social media. When it's a business and not just like your own, it's a little bit harder because you have to figure out ways to wiggle in products and services.

One big thing I think is one of the most important things to know is the attitude behind the posts. That is used to show that personality or those feelings. So we have basically what we've dubbed is a three by three personality test. What this is, is you will make up a desired three nouns and three adjectives that you would like the personality for the page to have. You would look at these three nouns and these three adjectives and almost run them as like a test to see if the post looks like It will qualify to reach those descriptors in a sense. So for Alpha, for instance, the nouns would be social media, websites and digital marketing. That can be like the three main things we want to make sure we're talking about. For adjectives, we want to be quirky. We want to be informative and professional. That would be the six things that I will always look at when I go to caption a post. Say we do an internal team project or something like that, and I'm trying to write a caption for whatever the video may be. I would want to make sure that the caption for that video is fitting those three adjectives. The nouns are already semi covered because I'm directly talking about a product or service. The next thing that you would want to make sure that you establish with yourselves is the frequency of the posting.  For most businesses, this is for Facebook, unless you have over a hundred thousand page likes, you don't need more than two posts per day.

We've been telling people one to two max per day has been seemingly the effective and sweet spot for that. I talk about drawing back your frequency because it will increase the quality of your posting. Say you have X amount of time. If you divide that out by the number of posts, then you're gonna have more time spent per post.

I think that talking about the frequency is something that's important because it's normally not even really questioned in a lot of business owners' heads. They don't really know how to ask the question of how often we should be posting. So one to two times per day, maximum on Facebook. You could go as little as three per week if you're having trouble getting content together.

One per day on Instagram and TikTok, whether it be a reel or obviously just a TikTok is a video, but, we've seen one per day max again as kind of the sweet spot there. If you can't hit that number every day, I wouldn't sweat. It. You'll get more and more used to it and get better at creating content as the years pass.

So, and yeah, years, unfortunately. But, remember that it is a numbers game with your post and whether or not it'll go viral or not, especially with reels and TikTok right now. That's just like how it is with Facebook. There is not really a sense of virality unless you're doing something like a giveaway or something crazy happens where you're gonna get tons of shares.

That's really like the only real sense of virality on there, unless you get something cool into Facebook watch. I haven't seen a lot of businesses go viral there, but, just remember again, it's like a numbers game. As long as you have consistent content where you're slightly varying the creative, which is like the video itself, eventually you'll land one of them and you'll have something that gets you, whether it be, you know, like fifty sales that day, or just a hundred thousand views.

Next let's talk about aesthetics. As you could imagine for Instagram and kind of TikTok as well, you know, when you land on the actual business page there, you've got a whole feed of content that you can see. Dressing up those thumbnails and curating what that looks like gives a curbside presence to a new visitor. It gives them a vibe of who you are. If you have, say a lawn care business and I always use lawn care, and say it's geared towards say Southern items. If you had rainbow thumbnails all over the grid, that doesn't really scream Southern to me, you know what I mean? So, you would want to set it up to where the actual aesthetic of the feed will translate to the person when they come across your page. it's like what we say with branding, right? They should be able to look at it and within like three seconds, know what your page is about. To take it further, maintaining an aesthetic that is planned is something that a lot of people don't do.

You could even have really good high quality photos, but you may not have an actual plan for the feed such as, “we're gonna stick to neutral”. Mid Grays, Dark Greens, Navy Blues, those kinds of colors and then you'll see them through the page. You'll notice you actually do get a nice look and it will translate over to people that you're an established brand. You're doing all of it to present a good experience for the customer. It's going to get you more followers basically, because people are just going to see that effort right out of the gate.

This is arguably the most important part. If you don't have this part of the system down on creating your identity, there's basically no point in doing any of the other points I have already talked about.

So the last thing we're going to talk about is the funnel. If you can't establish a funnel for your business, through your social media, it's practically worthless to do the other things that I had said. The goal is to turn your social media into a ‘in the background’ revenue generating system for yourself.

Now, if you're a boutique, for instance, it's like your primary revenue generator. Whereas if you're a hardware store or like an insurance agent, you may only get a few people that come in and actually say, “yeah, I saw you on Facebook”. The goal here is to get all of this set up to where it's not a burden for you. Part of that piece is the funnel itself. So what I mean by the funnel, basically it's saying, “you know, if we capture a new person through social media, how do they actually convert with us”? “How many channels and systems have we set up where they can end up becoming someone that actually purchases with our brand and not just someone that's a fly on the wall when they like the page”? Getting a funnel set up. Essentially the top of the funnel is customer acquisition or client acquisition.

The bottom of the funnel is conversion. You have to set up ways to get people to go down the funnel. We have paid ad campaigns that do that. That's a big piece of it. We'll have different things that are running that work on different pieces of the funnel.

The middle we dub is a brand awareness section. That's getting more and more exposure to either current people that like your page or potential customers. Obviously a lot of the effort needs to go to the conversion portion of the funnel, and this is why we emphasize so much of people getting a dedicated landing page to their website. If people click an ad or they click a post, you don't just send them to the homepage. They actually go to a page right there where they can fill out a form, or if they click on a product link, it doesn't take them to the homepage of your web store. It takes them to that product. If you add more and more steps, it's going to be more and more friction for the customer to convert. That's not what we want. We want it to be as easy as possible so we can leverage the amount of possible conversions.

So get a funnel established. That is ultimately kind of the main thing to recap on your social media identity. I really think this helps a lot of people that are managing pages. We have the attitude of the page, and the frequency of how much we'll be posting, and remembering it's a numbers game. Keep it up aesthetically so you can make sure that the things going to the page have a similar look and feel. That can always be changed, just give it time in between. Then ultimately make sure that all of that can work together to actually turn into conversions and make sure the funnel is intact.

There's different things that you can do apart from sending someone to your website to get them to convert. You could maybe ask them the message to page comment on it, and you'll DM them. There's tons of options. So get creative with it.

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