Growing Your Socials with Reels and TikToks - Feat. David Williams

Growing Your Socials with Reels and TikToks - Feat. David Williams

[00:00:00] Rich: Hello everyone. Welcome to this week's episode. Like I told you guys, last week we have David Williams on the podcast today. He is a Colorado realtor and he is going to be talking to us about his journey growing his page. He started, it seemed like about January of 21. Officially starting to market all of his real estate stuff.

[00:00:18] Rich: He's going to be timing in today with his journey through all of that. He also made a ton of Instagram reels. That's what caught my attention with them. I'm sure they've been working well for him. I, and we're going to have him on today and just hear about his experience. So David welcome.

[00:00:29] David: Thank you so much. 

[00:00:31] Rich: Yeah. I'm thrilled to have you, man. Right out of the gate, I'm sure the people are going to be wondering just who is David Williams? Do you go by. I go by Dave and I go by Dave, 

[00:00:40] David: ran it on Instagram has homes with Dave and helps with David. Yeah. 

[00:00:45] Rich: Nice. And when I was saying it looked like he started January of 21, I saw in your, a caption on that post there you're like I had to change my page name.

[00:00:52] Rich: And that's just how it goes. 

[00:00:54] David: Yeah. From the traditional names that, given. 

[00:00:58] Rich: Yes, sir. What I wanted to ask you, versus get the people started what made you want to get into real estate 

[00:01:05] David: again? So I actually went to undergrad, Northern Arizona university, and then went on to get a doctorate in physical therapy from duke university and did physical therapy for about 10 years.

[00:01:18] David: And just came into this point where I loved being a physical therapist, but rang out. There was a season on what I could do there. And so I loved practicing the patients, but a lot of the other things gave me headaches. So wanting to get to do something on my own, where I could control my destiny and work towards financial independence, being debt free.

[00:01:37] David: Don't you know, my life and my time. So we started investing in real estate, fell in love with it, from that aspect. And then how can I help others? Five real estate and all the benefits that could be through that. And so naturally rolled into the real estate agent. 

[00:01:50] Rich: Nice. Nice. Where are your investment properties?

[00:01:52] Rich: Is that what brought you to Colorado? 

[00:01:54] David: W we came here to do physical therapy. We were traveled physical therapist for two years, moved all around the country. You have a black dude that got married and settled in Colorado. And then after you turned, our first house was. And started renting out the basement to other physical therapy students, as they were doing clinicals.

[00:02:12] David: I thought this works. We can make some passive income and use that to springboard, to buy the next investment property. We lived in it, fixed it up to the next one. So now we're in one. Now we do an Airbnb in our basement and it just picked up a rental portfolio that way. 

[00:02:25] Rich: Nice. Do you recommend the renting out of your basement?

[00:02:30] David: That is a great move. Yeah. I've always heard come as the more comfortable, the less profits, the less comfortable you willing to live, the more profits you can make. So it's all on. But for a lot of people, if you're interested in investment to know you're interested in passive income, I think it's one of the easiest point of entry to get in and start making some money that not, your hours.

[00:02:50] Rich: Sure. How long was the transition from you graduating from PT to getting a real estate license? 10 years. 10 years. Okay. And then, so like when you were ready, he just pulled the trigger, got the license. 

[00:03:04] David: Yeah, I did both. I did full-time physical therapy and full-time real estate agent and all of 2020 Y got to the end of that and just reflected on things in life.

[00:03:12] David: And I sit down and do the annual kind of goal planning and it was just not sustainable to continue to devote. And the opportunity 2021 is such a great year in real estate for me that if I didn't go full time into it, I knew that I would. An opportunity cost. And so just went ahead and stopped doing PT at that time and went full-time into looking at 

[00:03:32] Rich: Nice love that sometimes God's knocking on your door.

[00:03:34] Rich: I got to change it up. Yeah. 

[00:03:36] David: And then the only constant in life has changed. So we try to base it move. 

[00:03:41] Rich: And so does your wife do real estate with you now? So 

[00:03:45] David: she's very involved in the real estate, as far as the investment side of things. Like she's my business partner on all of that life partner, business partner.

[00:03:52] David: We're on the same day. We have a great partnership to grow together with one of us has wants to be conservative. The other one wants to challenge and we just go back and forth and it's this great partnership. So she does that and then she can help with some organization and stuff on the backend of my real estate agency business.

[00:04:06] David: But she still works. Full-time, she's a physical therapist as well. 

[00:04:09] Rich: Nice. That's awesome. And so I was looking through your Instagram and I saw you read tons of books from what it seems like. Would you say any of those were kind of instigators for you to start into real estate? I saw like rich dad, poor dad, and a couple of really good classic ones on there that I love.

[00:04:24] David: Yeah, man, of course. Yeah. The rich dad board ad is like the plastic, go get her like a I can make money a different way. What do I need to do that? So that was definitely like the instigator of things. The E-Myth. Just from a business building standpoint, you mentioned revisited. I really love like the Go-Giver and just the concept of businesses is all about getting other people value.

[00:04:44] David: And by giving other people value, you can grow a beautiful business from that. Some of my 

[00:04:48] Rich: favorites, and I liked that book too. And it's gives you the idea of, sales becomes very easy when you feel like you're actually giving them something and selling becomes really easy when you know that you're providing a value and that it's the trade off is.

[00:05:01] David: Yeah. And it just spoke to me coming from the physical therapy background of of trying to give value to patients. And it's now I'm in sales. It's now I just didn't have been providing value to people if I can continue to help people. And that builds me a business simultaneously, then that's just a great way to go.

[00:05:17] Rich: And those, I saw like probably 15 or 20 books on there. How many books do you read a year, do you think? 

[00:05:23] David: Yeah, I set the goal for myself of a goal, a book a month. And then that usually, Usually consume most of those audio as far as learning, because I'm in the car a lot driving around.

[00:05:32] David: And then sometimes that, that between if I'm I'm listening to podcasts for a little bit and they get to that or go back to those and I try to infer about one educational, a business related. 

[00:05:41] Rich: Sure. Nice. Nice. Do you have any books you would recommend for someone aspiring to be a realtor 

[00:05:45] David: maybe?

[00:05:47] David: Oh yeah. You got to start with the you know what, the one thing I think is just a great book for a lot of people. It just helps you to set that end goal though at that perfect day is gonna look like, and then you have something that you're aiming to. So you're not bouncing around trying to figure out different paths to get there.

[00:06:02] David: But you're always focused on that one goal. And then what's that one thing you gotta do today to get closer to that goal? That helps me when there's a hundred things that I could do for my business. That would be beneficial. That's like, how do I narrow that the most, effective thing.

[00:06:16] David: And always aiming for that big, like super scary attainable, like dream life goal. 

[00:06:21] Rich: That's actually a great segue, right? It keeps you on the straight and narrow, and I was going to say it's a good segue into what I was going to ask about next, which is the social media starting out and the struggles that come along with that, I'm sure at some point in time or another, it got a little bit discouraging.

[00:06:33] Rich: We've all kind of been there where you're starting to try to grow a page. You're not getting there, it's you really got to go through the thick of it to reach the other side. And so having that goal set in there as a reminder to keep pushing along, I'm sure helps out a lot. 

[00:06:46] David: Yeah, absolutely.

[00:06:48] David: As when it first started okay, I need, I know I need to put some stuff on here. It's just even just from your sphere of influence, just the people that, it's just such a great way to get in front of people on. So when I was making this transition from being a physical therapist, to being a real estate agent, I thought, what the county, what are people going to think about that?

[00:07:05] David: And so okay, great way to portray what I'm doing and why I'm doing it would be through social media. Student go through video can go through, can edit, tell a story in a much easier way. So it started with that and then. Just in and out of it, not consistent with it really didn't see much growth.

[00:07:21] David: And then probably since the beginning of this year, when I've gone full time, real estate, it's okay, I see value in this. There's no, this is time to start to lean into this. And that's when it's okay. Getting comfortable getting in front of the camera and making the videos. 

[00:07:36] Rich: And I have a lot of, real estate agents we work with at whatever capacity it may be in.

[00:07:40] Rich: When they, when we go down the conversation of self-branding, a lot of them really are scared to get in front of the camera. Did you face any of those? I saw your one joking post where you're like, I made 19 Davidians and I had to delete them all. But did you ever face that kind of like stage fright?

[00:07:53] Rich: Like what are people going to think about me kind of thing. And how'd you get over it if you did. Yeah, 

[00:07:57] David: absolutely. Like you just, you just think I wouldn't, I didn't think I sounded like. What was I doing with my face there? I fumbled through some words and at the end, just knowing that it's important and what to do, and it's okay, did I provide some value in that video?

[00:08:13] David: Great. Is it perfect? Of course not put it out there and just set goals to consistently do that. Actually over time it has significantly gotten easier. My comfort in front of the camera has definitely got. Making it is still, a challenge for me. And I still go through that oh, that was long.

[00:08:28] David: That was too short. I didn't get all I needed to get out there. But that the comfort of being in front of the camera, it's start grading and then school, you just see people that I either, or you knew and they're like, oh, I see you on Instagram. Like you're best to know, bring value to your videos.

[00:08:43] David: It is, or, oh, wow.

[00:08:48] Rich: That's cool. That's cool. Have you seen any bit of impact on your local market for that kind of stuff? I know you just said someone has seen you on there, but have you had anyone like, the golden moment where you get a DM and it's Hey, I would love to just the, some effect of someone reaching out for advice or home ownership purchasing and 

[00:09:03] David: Yeah, absolutely.

[00:09:04] David: Like I've got a friend that we keep in touch mostly their Instagram and helped him to coordinate by, into a rental property. He lives in Washington, but I helped them get him in touch with a good agent out there in all the time even just from this sphere, like just a great way to stay in touch with someone, and then they see what I'm doing and it's oh, Hey, actually we were looking to buy some let's set up a meeting.

[00:09:24] David: Yeah, absolutely looking to grow that to that next level where it's people, I don't know. To bring them in. And one like just by being on video, they feel like they know you so much better than a webpage or just like a couple of photos. And so you really want to create that personality and make them feel comfortable before we 

[00:09:44] Rich: even meet.

[00:09:45] Rich: And I would guess that real estate is one of those few markets where the credibility and someone trusting you is pinnacle to the sale. 

[00:09:53] David: Yeah. Huge. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. 

[00:09:55] Rich: Do you have any idols in the space that you followed and like whether they do real estate or did they give social media advice out?

[00:10:01] Rich: Do you listen to any people that you've seen there was a big kickstart for you? 

[00:10:06] David: Yeah, absolutely. So I've been bigger pockets fan that's what got us initially into the real estate investing space. Brandon Turner all of his page, he had David Green. As far as like specific to to the agency side, like Jason, Pantana been great to follow for one, they're just encouraged you to get in front of the camera.

[00:10:24] David: They've given you the fact that 85% of people would like to see a video of their agent. Oh, I better make the video. And also just great content. Coffees and contracts was another one that I followed just for me, without digging deep into analytics, trying to get them out to provide me a bit of guidance on this is what, not only do people want to see, but also what is the algorithm?

[00:10:44] David: The 

[00:10:44] Rich: algorithm. Yeah. Yeah. I heard from a grant Cardone on one of his videos. One time that he's not trying to be loved by everybody. He just wants to be known by everyone. And so I think that kind of speaks into the, just putting your face out there and no matter what people think it's about that brand awareness.

[00:11:01] David: Yeah, absolutely. And that was a big fear of mine at first, because I was like, I've had this career of being a physical therapist and it becomes your identity. It's a little bit more of the big fears that oh, now I'm changing to be a real estate agent I'm in sales. And I was a little bit concerned about what that perception is going to be.

[00:11:15] David: And that was a block for a little bit, but just making sure. Put yourself out there and all of a sudden that perception shifts, and there's always way worse in your head than when people actually, I 

[00:11:26] Rich: would agree. Yeah. Did you have any friends and family, like give you a little I'm sure.

[00:11:31] Rich: Like the people that I asked this question, because I'm sure people are hesitant to start and they know they need to, but they're scared about what everyone thinks. And normally it's their immediate circle. Did you catch any flack back and if you did and did, how did you do it? 

[00:11:43] David: Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

[00:11:44] David: I, it mostly just oh really? Like I thought it was great and I didn't see why I would want to make a change. So when I was asking like where my passions were, I'm like, man, we're really stuck love to help people, but I would love to do it in a capacity a little bit more tangible and also gives me the path to be in control of my own destiny.

[00:12:03] David: And once you explain it to people like that, they totally, they understand. 

[00:12:07] Rich: Yeah. I had a kind of a two or three month period where every one of my friends list, it was just like, all right, you're not going to stop. Are you okay? We get it. Yeah. They're like, cool. You're the cringy guy on camera.

[00:12:21] Rich: So do you like Ryan by any chance? Oh, yeah. I was curious if you had drew drawn any inspiration from him and particularly for long form content. I know that the majority of what's on your page is short form. Have you ever considered going down the long form content path? 

[00:12:39] David: Yeah, absolutely.

[00:12:40] David: That's a big hole that I'd like to push into this. You're like, okay, I'm doing things consistently on Instagram. I've figured out, okay, this is the kind of real good engagement. This is the timing of the post. That takes a lot of time. How do I go ahead and grow that one to other platforms, six bucks.

[00:12:55] David: And then how do I get that? I'm big into YouTube. Like I think long form would be a great place for it. I think I could provide some good educational longer form things. It's so it's on the, the list of ways to grow. 

[00:13:08] Rich: Sure. And that's a good segue to, what, I'm not even just advice for others would you have, but what kind of plans, in a perfect world.

[00:13:16] Rich: What are all of the ways that you're participating on social media platforms, Tik, TOK, Twitter, all these other do you use all the platforms you plan to use them all? And what's your dream with all of that. 

[00:13:26] David: Yeah. To dream of wanting to just continue to go to the extreme. I've seen good growth, but I know it could grow a lot more.

[00:13:33] David: So continuing that there take doctors when I definitely need to get into I've got a profile, I've put two videos on there. Been no further time. I know that there is some value there that I'm missing out on, and then also to grow YouTube page and then having the way that I can distribute videos to all of them in a more seamless pattern and then draw them all back to the notes in my website and my.

[00:13:55] David: Until they paid that seamless transition, back to my business to help drive in leads in that way. 

[00:14:01] Rich: Yeah. Yeah. And how do you normally go about your calls to action on your posts? Because I know, so like right now you're doing the what in the devil does this word mean series, say someone comments on that or whatever. Do you follow up with them with the DM. Maybe follow them back. I saw you on my four you page on Instagram, the discovery page, or the explore page is what it's called. Which is great. But do you chase after anybody? I guess would be my question.

[00:14:25] David: Yeah. Good question. If I get a comment, I'm absolutely going to comment back. I'm going to follow that person back. But. I don't follow everybody back. That follows me when one, I use Instagram is a great way to engage with people that I know in my spirit. And then sometimes it's a lot of businesses or things like that.

[00:14:42] David: And then my feed gets cluttered with people I'm not trying to directly communicate with. It's something that probably I could get some values of, like this person liked it, follow and message with them. But I haven't really done that reverse prospect. 

[00:14:56] Rich: How many followers are you at when you started really marketing it in January of last year?

[00:15:03] David: Do you remember? 150 a hundred? I was going 

[00:15:06] Rich: to say if I had to guess it was, yeah, I was gonna, I was guessing I was going to guess around two to 300, cause I had watched like the, just, even since I've been following you, like the, I think you've already gone up like a hundred followers since I reached out to you like a month and a half ago, which is really cool.

[00:15:19] Rich: So I was just curious to see how much of a growth that had been. Yeah. Do you have the internal decision already made up, like you're sticking with this weather? Do you have a timeline, with how long you're gonna run with this before you would quote unquote give up or is it like I'm doing this no matter what?

[00:15:33] Rich: Cause like I've, I hear from a lot of people that are scared to start and if they do start, they're like I'll try it for a few months, but I would guess that, you're year and a half in almost you believe otherwise that it takes longer than just a few. 

[00:15:45] David: Yeah, absolutely. No I'm committed to it.

[00:15:46] David: I just think it's what a better way. I don't think there's a better media for them to spread to people than short form video. And and you can just do it on such a grand scale. Like it would take me so long to call a thousand people, but I can do a video and it could reach a couple thousand. And no, I committed to it, it's just finding the ways to streamline it, to get it on the other platforms easier.

[00:16:08] David: And then, and how to kind of circle that back into the business. 

[00:16:12] Rich: And, typically what I see with even like our clients is that the higher, the price point of whatever you're selling, the harder it is to find a customer. You know what I mean? Cause if you're selling $5 toys on the internet versus a $300,000 home, it's going to be a lot harder and that customer acquisition typically cost more.

[00:16:28] Rich: So I agree with you. It probably is going to take a little bit of time, but I was also gonna ask, have you had anything that in, even in the minor scheme of things that you would call, like it went viral where you typically get a thousand views, but one got 10 or something like that?

[00:16:43] David: Yeah. Yeah. I think I had one get like 9,000. I'm trying to remember what it was. And sometimes I can't find a rhyme or reason to it. I'm not going to perform so well. And it's like very similar, maybe a little bit different hashtag or use the same hashtag and it didn't perform like you went from thousands.

[00:16:59] David: It seemed like it just went to my followers. And so there's been some thinking points there and I'm like, as soon as it starts to get frustrated by. Just keep creating them, just keep putting it out, just trying to, keep up with what the video needs to be. It's original, it's got hashtags, I'm trying to match what Instagram is asking for.

[00:17:19] David: Yeah, it's still not a rhyme or reason to it. But yeah, some of them will just, catch on in a much different way than others. 

[00:17:24] Rich: Yeah. Have you done any of a paid promotion on the page? They can push post forward. Yeah. So 

[00:17:30] David: I'm just shocked. Like my first professional video, I've got a friend who's a videographer and we just made this sweet professional video.

[00:17:36] David: It's two minutes, so it doesn't fit into a real format. But I just got that launched as a paid ad yesterday actually. 

[00:17:42] Rich: Nice. I'll have to check in with you and see how that one's going here in a couple of, have lots of stuff. And if you don't, you totally don't have to, you, would you care to share with us, like how much you put behind it?

[00:17:49] Rich: Cause again, I just, I know people are going to be curious, like even while they're walking down, The unlit path, how much Steven spend on that kind of stuff. And maybe like expectations that come out of it as well. 

[00:18:01] David: Yeah. Happy to share. Like I said, mine, daddy, his name's choreograph, or he's a friend of mine does a great Cory, Colorado, that YouTube page.

[00:18:08] David: So he does a lot of like skewers or reviews and then running show reviews. And so I reached out to him and so he's he was so excited about it. He, this has been a side project. It's a super passionate. I think it was an afternoon spent, he spent like 12 hours editing and it was like $800, I think probably a little bit of a friend discount.

[00:18:27] David: That's what 

[00:18:28] Rich: that, yeah. Yeah. And it's just good. Cause people need to kinda know what they're in for. And I've not that everyone is like this, some people don't want to spend more than like a hundred dollars on some things. And that kind of is one of those, which I'm sure you would agree.

[00:18:40] Rich: The payoff is potentially, always going to be, they're like, you said, you can get thousands of people to see this stuff. So getting one piece of what's called pillar content is always really good, which I don't know if you'd subscribe to Gary V at all. 

[00:18:51] David: Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And I, and that's what this is this is an evergreen video.

[00:18:55] David: This is something, includes drones include just like sweeping shots and just so much more professional than me sitting in front of the camera and talking. And I think it was well worth the money, and this is something that I can use for years to come. Since I'm not just on socials, but it's something I can directly send to clients.

[00:19:13] David: Prior to meeting them, to introduce myself, introduce my approach and silence. So I, I'm super stoked for it. I can't wait to 

[00:19:19] Rich: yeah, if you want we've if it's, if that's hosted online anywhere, I can tag that down in the description of this podcast episode. So people can go and watch that and just see what you're talking about.

[00:19:29] Rich: So we can collaborate a little bit on that after the episodes or after we were done recording here and we'll get that on there for everybody, and we can plug your buddies YouTube channel.

[00:19:36] Rich: So you had talked about when you're just, the difference between a professional and when you're just, talking to the camera, do you use a teleprompter, man? You're good with it. No wonder it takes 20 takes. I was like, he's got to be using the teleprompter. 

[00:19:52] David: Occasionally I'll write a couple things out and I'll, I'll make myself some notes and then.

[00:19:57] David: No, I usually just memorize and close enough to memorize and then kick it takes. Yeah. 

[00:20:02] Rich: Yeah. I'm definitely more of a, yeah, like bullet points kind of person. I can't do like a full script kind of deal. So I didn't know if you had scripted it and use the teleprompter or just so we're going off memory and that kind of stuff.

[00:20:12] Rich: Cause I was curious about that. 

[00:20:15] David: Yeah. Mostly, I'll spend a little bit of time research and then go through my head in the morning and I go, okay, close the doors, sit down. And then, honestly, And until I say it a couple of times, I don't get the feel of how I want to say it and how I want to go through it.

[00:20:27] David: What feed I need to say that to fit that one minute for the real. Yeah. That's usually my approach to it. Yeah. 

[00:20:34] Rich: I'll start some podcast episodes and I'm just recording and it'll be, Hey everyone. Ah, and then I'm like, gosh, dang it. I have to restart 

[00:20:44] David: the video. 

[00:20:45] Rich: Yeah. So people know that it isn't a hundred percent normal to have just tons and tons of fails, but yeah, it's it's a totally normal thing to have to go through all that.

[00:20:55] Rich: It's 

[00:20:55] David: hard and it's hard and it's hard to do it in a tape and. It's never going to be perfect, but it doesn't have to be perfect. As long as you're genuine, you're yourself, people can see who you are and you provide them some sort of values or, a laugh, whatever it may be, as long as people can see that, they were like, yeah, 

[00:21:13] Rich: you know what the worst is when you have like your wife or somebody.

[00:21:16] Rich: Earshot within your shot of you and they you're hearing you miss and they're laughing at you. I'm sure you've experienced 

[00:21:23] David: that. And she's in the other room and she stayed there and I, like I mentioned, what did she think it was like as a kid? The bad? Yeah. 

[00:21:33] Rich: John, tell me what you think. Just let it happen.

[00:21:34] Rich: Exactly. That's so funny. Did you, I think I had seen on your Instagram as well, you had won like an award or something with color William. 

[00:21:40] David: Yeah, so last year was my first year. And like I said, I was full-time physical therapist, full-time real estate agent. So out of an office of over 300 people I was the rookie of the year, so high producing rookie for the first year in business.

[00:21:52] David: And then I also was fifth overall in the state for all of Keller Williams as a Reggie agent. So 

[00:21:58] Rich: what town for Dave 

[00:21:59] David: Williams? It's time to go. It's time to pull down. I, half time, what can we do? I really need, yeah. 

[00:22:07] Rich: What a great affirmation, to what you're doing. Yeah. That's awesome.

[00:22:12] Rich: That's awesome. And this is supposed to be short form podcast, but we always break the rules, but I would like one of the last things I wanted to know was for the person that was you December of 2020, right? Like they're about to pull the. They're scared to get on Instagram and social media and stuff, act like I am that person you're directly talking to me.

[00:22:30] Rich: What would you say? And recommend to even like a young guy, like me, I have friends that are my age the, what kind of wanting to start out in the same field, right? What would you say to get them started and ultimately convince them it is worth it to try to self brand and to go out there and put themselves out there?

[00:22:46] David: Yeah, absolutely. I'd say like the first foremost, like it's going to be. It's going to be hard, but like almost anything good in life comes on the other side of that. So on top of that, every business, almost every business is a people business and it's also social media. And so you gotta be social with it.

[00:23:03] David: You gotta make that connection with people best way to make that connection is going to be through them, seeing your face, first of all. And then if they can hear you talk to your real person and not just living this glamorous Instagram life, where all you do. Closing sales or, promoting an open house or listing.

[00:23:19] David: If they want to know who you are, they don't care as much about your product often as they care about who you are as at least in the real estate space. So just get out there, be yourself choose something you want to stick to and try it for a couple months. And it's okay, that was working on that side, then switch up the way that you're engaging with your clientele and with the people on your social media and, slight tweaks and experiment, but stick with it for sure.

[00:23:44] David: Yeah. I 

[00:23:45] Rich: love that. And like you said stick with it for a few months, you have to tweak things, whatever. What do you think was one of the biggest tweaks that you had to make to what you were doing? Like your first. 

[00:23:54] David: Yeah I, some big, it was just like committing to reels. And not just post, not just stories, like it gets promoted to a lot from a much larger audience.

[00:24:03] David: So meaning to doing reels and then figuring out what feels like the timeline of getting what you kind to say in a minute. And then from there it's okay, commit to this. I'm going to do what the devil does. This real estate word means, break it down and keep it super simple. Try not to be too complex with it.

[00:24:21] David: He just wanted to be able to get a simple message and in a quick period of time. And then other than that, have fun with it, do fun things. Try, always to do something that's not like mocking or making fun of anybody else, be positive, provide 

[00:24:31] Rich: value. Yeah. Yeah. And that was like one of the biggest reasons I had reached out to you too.

[00:24:35] Rich: You just started so approachable on there, right? Like I think that's one of the things that you do best is like just. You just seem like a dude that I would talk to. Like it's like that. I think you're a hundred percent right with the not taking it too seriously on the reels portion of the stuff.

[00:24:48] Rich: And I love that you've posted that blooper thing. That was hilarious. Do you have any plans to bring the wife into any of them at some point and kind of play that game with the followers and the audience? I'm sure that, they'll have some kind of effect on how the performance goes, bringing in family members, team members and all that kind of.

[00:25:05] David: I do have a sister. I know she be down to get in on some funny videos and she's a school teacher and stuff, school seasons like school wrapping up. So maybe this summer I can pull her it, the wife's like she's like a little bit less hands-on with the social media. Like she doesn't want to be in front of the camera in the same way.

[00:25:22] David: So we'll see she's committed to it because she knows is important to help us grow our business and our. Both as investors and then my real estate agency business. But but yeah, and to expand that the cat 

[00:25:33] Rich: she's probably like me, I like to be behind the camera more than I like to be in front of it.

[00:25:39] David: Yeah. Would enjoy that. 

[00:25:41] Rich: Yeah. I was telling my team this morning, I was like, listen, if I have to be the Guinea pig and the one that gets thrown under the bus, I'll be the face. You know what I mean? It's just, you got to just take on the burden. Cause like you said it does have that economic.

[00:25:52] Rich: The positive economic impact at the end of the day for all the stuff. So it's like, what do you really care about more 

[00:25:57] David: here? Yeah, 

[00:26:01] Rich: that's funny. Do you have any questions for me? Just, I know you've listened to some episodes. I didn't know if anything had ever spiked any curiosity out of you. And the reason I ask is because other people could have the same ones and it can even be like directly related to what you do.

[00:26:14] Rich: But I just, if there was any value I could provide there on that front I think that people would love to hear that. 

[00:26:20] David: Yeah, absolutely. Like one of the things episodes I picked up a lot of value from you is like flowing down the post. That's something that's helped instead of just being thinking I want wanted, it takes a lot of pressure off me to think, like I got to make a video every day and it's oh, it's slow down.

[00:26:33] David: The post is actually effective. So like the timing on releasing the posts, the difference between that and different platforms has been super helpful. So like any advice you have for me to be able to create that. And get it on different platforms without me having to create content three times, put it on different platforms three times, that like that would be so drought 

[00:26:53] Rich: and And that's a hundred percent like exactly what you said is what I was tipping on the episode is it takes the burden away from feeling like you have to post every single day.

[00:27:01] Rich: And I don't know if you saw like maybe an uptick in the necessarily the quality of the content, but typically like the algorithm is a little bit nicer to you on like the organic reach you get, but that kind of stuff is, you're not just blasting your followers with all that kind of stuff. But yeah, like advice wise, you're doing a lot of stuff, really good.

[00:27:16] Rich: Like I creeped on the account pretty heavily, I went back to 2021. To touch on what you're saying with not having to do a lot of work to get repurposed content. I would just give Gary V the a hundred percent credit there with the pillar and micro content. So it's like using longer form content.

[00:27:31] Rich: And then you need to break that up and trickle it down into good stuff as like an Instagram story or whatever it is. And I'm sure like a video snippet of, even on you on this podcast. I really want to provide value to people. That's why I switched from PT to real estate. Like that clip, there could be its whole own little kind of Instagram real, cause it shows people that raw and authenticity authentic like side of Dave and but if you definitely start the YouTube channel, that would be a big move for you. We're considering doing that in office too, just as a behind the scenes kind of thing.

[00:28:00] Rich: And I think that there's just a lot of micro content to be generated from that specifically for like reels and Tik TOK. I really don't treat reels as anything serious anymore. I think Instagram really did implement that. Not only as just a combatant to tick talk, but I think it's, Instagram has been such a posh place to get on and post.

[00:28:20] Rich: I think they finally did this real thing where people don't have to be scared to put something out, whereas before it had to be so manicured and perfect and all that stuff. And Which I'm sure you've noticed as well. Like the organic reach is so much higher, unreal, even just for like reach and impressions than it is for a normal post.

[00:28:35] Rich: And I think a lot of that's impart do with them, trying to compete with tech talk and get people addicted to 10 Instagram reels and all that. But you gotta look into YouTube shorts as well, and that's been really popular. It's just like reels. You can take the same video and post it on there. A lot of people have been doing those lately.

[00:28:50] Rich: They're really big. 

[00:28:52] David: Okay, great. I like that too. I like the idea of taking that longer form, like in YouTube and then D and then pleasing that out and then put them out because the social from there I'd love to be able to talk longer on many a topic. And so I think that'd be a great way to go 

[00:29:05] Rich: about that.

[00:29:06] Rich: Yeah. Yeah. And there's tons of people. I've been re look, even right now, I'm looking for a college student who would just be a video editor for me. Cause I can record all day long. It's the editing that really all that time consuming stuff comes in and. Your friend, Corey even is probably too expensive.

[00:29:21] Rich: I had a guests to do like everyday content or whatever. So like finding that, that person, whether it be you, me or another person listening to this there's people out there that, that are willing to work need money, and there's definitely a mutually beneficial relationship. But another thing you could look into is like one of those posting softwares.

[00:29:37] Rich: So you can post to all of the social platforms at once. If you don't have one, I recommend SCAD or SCAD. Social is what they're called and they're based out of Australia, but they've been, we've worked with them for about three years now. They literally send us goodie bags in the mail. They're a really great company.

[00:29:51] Rich: So shout out to Scott, I'll link them down in the description on this as well. But definitely look into that just because it's you can basically choose. It'll tell you the best times to post. You can plot it all out on the calendar, and then you can say this, one's going to go to Facebook, Instagram, and.

[00:30:05] Rich: This one's only going to go to YouTube. That's really cool. 

[00:30:07] David: Yeah. Yeah. 

[00:30:08] Rich: What else? Anything? 

[00:30:11] David: Oh man. That's probably, that's the biggest thing I got appreciate all that you do. Like I loved digging into your podcast on Instagram. Super great value to learn. And so I look forward to further collaboration.

[00:30:24] Rich: Thank you, man. Thank you. Yeah. And if you guys are in Colorado, hit Dave up, people get you a home. How how, what do you, what's your rate on the climate right now to buy? I know that everyone's pretty polarized with their opinions on that being us in 

[00:30:40] David: 2032, specifically to Colorado. But in general, I've a video that they released tomorrow.

[00:30:45] David: Like interest rates got up, they're going to stay up. It looks that way. And so that finally has tripled its way through the market where we were having houses on the market on Thursday, Friday, multiple offers by Sunday, sold way over ass and that's slowed down. So to the point that some houses are making it into the second week where that was unheard of, then.

[00:31:08] David: And so what I think is really important things like if you were ready to buy, if you can live with that interest rate. For a couple of years, we financed through them is always an option, but the appreciation of alums is not going away. Especially somewhere here in Colorado, it's going to slow. It was 18% last year.

[00:31:25] David: Not likely to be that this year, but you're getting, I encourage. Bye now refinance later, because later the house price is going to be more expensive than it is now, and trying to get into that as to be really difficult. And so other than that find creative ways. If the payment's a little bit more than you thought can you, how Sacramento patients do you have a garage space?

[00:31:46] David: And there's people that will rent any form of space. And so if you can be creative, make it work. I think now is that little that people were waiting for. It just comes up the caveat of hiring. 

[00:31:57] Rich: And I did see you have an Airbnb. I saw your post at that too. So if anyone needs Airbnb help message David and he I'm sure he would be glad to answer some questions for you and maybe give you a little bit of a guide there.

[00:32:08] Rich: He has places booked all the way through. It seemed like August. I forget what the video had on there, but it looks like you've been killing it, man. 

[00:32:16] David: Yeah. The Airbnb has been crashing. It's like just a great way to, to max my cashflow and investment. Yeah. 

[00:32:24] Rich: I learned something right there. This is why you guys should go follow him.

[00:32:28] Rich: You're going to buy a home at some point. So you might as well get knowledgeable about one of your biggest investments that you're ever going to make. 

[00:32:35] David: Yeah. And that's like my favorite piece. I just love educating people on and helping people to know all their options and be able to make good decisions for them the best part about the job.

[00:32:44] David: Yeah. 

[00:32:44] Rich: I think that's maybe our biggest similarities. We're both extremely passionate about the Bubba. 

[00:32:50] David: Yeah, 

[00:32:50] Rich: I love that. Man, I appreciate you coming on the episode with us today. And if we have any follow-up questions through our page, I'll be sure to plug in all of your socials and everything on there, where if people are listening, where do you want them to come and go and find you if they in this episode and go and search for you?

[00:33:05] David: Yeah, probably not supposed to be on Instagram at homes with tape, but can also email But SBA is probably the easiest. Because most information, as well as all my contacts on that as well, 

[00:33:18] Rich: and Tik TOK could help him grow his Tik TOK, go and find him on there.

[00:33:25] Rich: Yeah, there you go. Hey, we're going to put this on YouTube also. So I'll, if you have your channel up and everything, I'll tag you and you guys can go and find him on there as well. Sweet man, I really appreciate your time. I know it was only 30 or 40 minutes or so, but I love that you came on and I'm excited to maybe even have you back on your only their second gas we've ever had.

[00:33:43] Rich: Maybe in a year or so, we'll have you back on and see where, how everything's going for you. All right. We'll check the follower numbers today, then we'll check. Yeah, there you go. I think you're at like seven 80 or something. So we're going to hold you see some growth. I want to see at least 2000. I like the challenge.

[00:33:57] Rich: There you go. There you go. Oh man. You have a blessed day. Thank you so much. And that is the end. I, yeah. Thanks.