4 Things That Will Kill Your Social Media Growth

4 Things That Will Kill Your Social Media Growth

Four things that will be guaranteed to kill your social media growth are today’s topics of choice. So if you're doing these wrong right now, you're definitely missing out. For the very first thing I wanna talk about, this has been historically one of the biggest issues. The frequency and consistency of posting to the page and the general actions and things that we do on the page. What I mean by consistency, is daily engagement with your followers. We go through every single day and spend a minimum of five to eight minutes engaging with other people, not just posting and replying to messages, but going out and engaging with other posts and pages.

This pleases the algorithm because you're not just some shadow business account, posting out stuff endlessly, you're engaging and popping up places in other people's comment feeds. You're liking other people's posts. It's a really, really good cross-promotion basically for your page on the platform. So that's kind of about the consistency, the frequency portion of it is the posting and staying consistent with that frequency. Establishing a proper frequency s going to actually benefit it in terms of growth and then being able to stick to it. Most people are posting way too much on social media.

If you post a Facebook more than twice per day, you're posting too much. One to two times is kind of the maximum slash sweet spot for businesses that have the ability to keep up with that magnitude of posting. If you're doing any more than that, reel it back a little bit for videos like Instagram and TikToks, and Instagram Reels. I'm thinking about one per day right now is the maximum, anything less than that? Adequate. Anything more than that is a little bit overkill because you're stunting growth organically.

If there are too many things going to the page, whether it be a post or say two posts to the page, you only have so many followers. So when Facebook is going through the algorithm it’s trying to decide who to serve this to you have two posts fighting against each other in the same follower list, because they only get so many times per day, right? So if they only get on one time per day, the likelihood of Facebook showing them both of your posts or four of your post is very low. We want to be able to monitor that frequency in the sweet spot, all of that with a proper frequency on the posting. That is the first thing guaranteed to kill the growth of your social media pages.

The second is not keeping up to date. Again, paired two of them talking together. Camera quality and composition. Composition is one of those big, big things where there are lots of rules when it comes to how to show things in certain lights and all of that. Not that you need to be a master in composition, but to know the general rules and principles of having the good composition and keeping that in the forefront of your mind while coming to create media is very important for you.

Now the other half camera quality and I'll touch on composition a little bit again, camera quality is like, if you're still doing all of your social media posts with an iPhone seven or one of the older Androids, like basically anything older than like 2019, we, I would recommend getting an upgrade just because we're getting to that point. It's called the law of diminishing a turn where

the more and more expensive something gets the harder and harder it is to notice how much

better it gets. But the things like before 2019 are like totally left in the dust. I have people pick up my phone all the time on the camera app and they're like, Whoa, this is so clear and I'm like, yeah, It's awesome. This is a great investment for your business. I guarantee you getting an iPhone 13 or one of the newer Samsung galaxy phones with those newer, nicer cameras or the Google pixels. Those are really good.

You will notice a very big difference in the overall aesthetic of your feed in the videos you're posting. If you are all of those good things, come forward through video. One small upgrade can have a massive effect. For composition, if you wanna put an ABC down underneath it on your notes, lighting is the first thing, make sure that we're presenting products to people in good light. No harsh shadow across the face. That's not dark on the product. If there is a window, 10 feet to your left, bring it into the sunlight so we get natural light. Another option for that would be staging. If you have products sitting on your shelf or on a rack, there is value behind documenting. If we're making a marketing post here, try to present products in the best light, and do a good job of staging. For example, tilting your chin 10 degrees could make the person feel and look so much more confident in the actual photos and videos. C I think is something that you have to have the patience to implement, but going after multiple attempts for stuff.

Actually trying a few different ways, a few different times, maybe even asking the second set of eyes to look at it. C is multiple attempts.

The third is underutilizing video. I think that so many people know that TikTok is the thing right now, along with Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, but I think people still to this day are underutilizing video, even me inside of my business. When we do a graphics project, instead of just posting the graphic out to the page, technically, we could make that into a Reel or some sort of video because we have the capabilities to do that.

Now you don't need to go to that length if you don't have the capabilities, but there are simple things that you could do. Even just something as simple as turning what you were going to make into a photo into a video post. If you are, let's say going to make a flat lay and then take a top-down photo, you can post that picture out and get it, we'll just say a hundred for a random example. If you were to do the same thing, though, with a video, you can start with the top-down angle. You can move in, you can move out, and you can show certain details inside of the actual product. If it is a service or maybe an office space you're documenting where you just wanted, a photo originally, turn that into more of like a behind-the-scenes video. Let it run for 10 to 15 seconds. Maybe say hi to somebody and walk around, get them to engage with the camera.

When you're on Instagram, making a story, that little transformation can have a really big impact.

I will tell you right now getting video views is way easier than getting likes. The video view count is normally what's coming to the surface on platforms like Facebook. If you're shopping or if you're scrolling through the suggested feed on TikTok and Instagram, you'll see view counts.

When you're on, on the videos, you'll see like count.

It only takes three seconds to register as an actual video view. So if you can capture somebody for those first three seconds, that's gonna ping over to Facebook. That was a view. That view counter is going to be more advantageous to the growth of the page.

There's a whole other portion of why you're underutilizing video and it's, that these platforms are pushing for video. If I were to pull up Instagram right now, if I scroll, 70% of the content I see is gonna be video specifically Instagram Reels. Everything else would be the normal photos on the feed. Instagram is advocating for video content to be the main thing that you consume and it's because it takes up your time longer than a photo does. It's long-form content. The more time you spend on their platform, the more they're winning because they have all these other things that there's a lot of trickles down there.

Number four on our list. Failure to repurpose content. This is like one of the easiest things that you can do to just like tenfold, the number of things that you're posting and doing. So we'll go through a couple of scenarios. So first off a story, if you are going to make an Instagram Story like I made a video yesterday, this is where I failed. I made an eight-part video story of me showing me packing a video bag and getting all of the gear ready. Instagram stories,

auto-posted themselves to Facebook stories as well for the business. Now that could have also been saved altogether. Mashed up as one actual normal, single video posted to LinkedIn that could have been made into a Facebook watch video that could have been purposed into a TikTok, or maybe a Reel. Every little bit of brand exposure counts and it matters. In another scenario, let's say you make a video specifically for TikTok.

If we're making a TikTok, we can post that TikTok to Instagram Reels. A reminder to actually repurpose that content. If you're running yourself through these four items, right? Every time you go to post, you're gonna be like, okay, just inside of my frequency, am I being consistent with this stuff? Yes. Am I going to have a good composition with lighting and staging is my camera quality? Adequate or good if possible. Then where am I going to repurpose this content to how many places can I actually put this and then implement it? Those are the four main things there.

The fifth one is a bonus. Stop boosting posts. This puts a terrible taste in people’s mouths for paid advertising within social media services because they don't get nearly the performance they want. They just want a quick buck. If you're gonna boost a post. Spend like $200 on it or

$300. Like you have to actually put some money into it for this thing to work. The reason why I say just don't even do it at all is that the audience targeting behind the boosting, like your audience selection and targeting options for boosting a post is so starkly different and inadequate n comparison to the business, manager's ability to actually run a campaign and do the things that we do for our clients.

Next time that you grab your phone inside of your business, get something ready to post. Look over this list and establish your frequency and consistency. Check your composition. Make sure we're using video when possible and repurpose that stuff to as many platforms as possible, leverage all of the possibilities for exposure, and make sure that you guys are doing all of these

things for the main reason that we are even reading these blogs. To turn followers into

customers. To generate revenue and make a profit from our social media.