Meek Integrative Health Center

An Integrative Health Center in Springfield

Meek Integrative Health Center

Holistic and Medical health and wellness

Meek Integrative Health Center (previously Meek Chiropractic) came to us when deciding they were going to be merging two of their companies into one. They had a need for someone to integrate the brands so that the familiarity survived; we succeeded by fusing them together after keeping the icon of one company and altering the other to match the trend.

A mockup of office items bearing the word mark & icon.
Previous Logo for Business 1
Icon & Word Mark
Icon with Enhancement
Previous Logo for Business 2

A mega-menu for a mega service list

Meek has an extensive list of services they offer.
We skillfully designed a mega menu for easy navigation of their services.
A CMS-charged blog accessible from our front-end editor.
Integrated patient portal and payment gate.

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