Social Media Brand Influencers


What is a brand Influencer?

Most of us have heard of them, but what is a brand influencer?
"If you have an active and engaged community on your blog, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever social media floats your boat, guess what? You have the potential and the power to impact your followers’ thoughts, actions and purchases. You are an influencer. That food blogger sharing her latest slow cooker meal to keep her family warm and content – she’s an influencer. That woman on Instagram showing off her new boots before she heads to the park with the kids – she’s an influencer. In their own real and relatable way, they are marketing a product. Their recommendation to their engaged audience has the ability to convert sales." -


Why do brands pay for it?

Influencer's followers are a pre-targeted market that brands can advertise to. This gives the brand a huge opportunity to reach out to new followers in their niche, while the influencer gets paid to do what he/she loves! Brands also receive a new avenue of content creation when hiring an influencer and the influencer receives exposure from the brand posting that content. Brand influencers are considered underpriced attention and companies need them! They have truly started a new and impactful way to advertise online.

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So where do we come in?

We serve as an agent for influencers to connect with businesses locally and internationally. Influencers and businesses contact us and let us know their needs and offers, and we set them up.
Influencers and businesses have unlimited potential when it comes to influencer relationships, making them that much more valuable.